Why plyometric training is good for you

Why plyometric training is good for you

What is Plyometric training?

Plyometric training is also called jump-training. It consists of workout such as

hopping, skipping and jumping. Plyometric training can be added to your training program to improve your skills at things such as tennis and basketball. Any sports where you move explosively. It contains of a series of jumps, onto a box or a bench for instance.

What is it good for?

For each jump you make, everytime you land your muscles will stretch. This stretch will give your next jump some extra power, which then will get your muscles into shape, due to the contracting that happens in the muscles. Even though Plyometric training is good for the muscles, it’s important that you don’t do this workout every day, because your muscles needs a break from all the stretching! Plyometric training targets your legs and your glutes and improves your flexibility and your strength! Who doesn’t want to improve that?!

What do I need to do Plyometric training?

It’s important to notice that this training is for you who’s in a good shape. If you just began working out, this is not the exercise for you yet! But when you get in shape, we can definately recommend for you to try this type of workout!

Besides the good shape you don’t really need anything to do Plyometric training. The training can be done anywhere, inside and outside! Only requirement is a soft landing spot like grass or your gym mat! Then you’re ready to go jump on benches, boxes and over different obstacles! Or just to do 5 minutes of skipping!

If you want to change the difficulty level, you should check out our Plyo box!

So, are you up for a good challenge? Try the plyometric training and challenge yourself and maybe your gym buddies? Ready, set, go!