Shogun Sports - Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

Shogun Sports is a veteran owned company. Our founder Nick Cunningham spent 9 years in the Royal Marines Commandos as a specialist in explosives and trained in Jungle and Arctic warfare. He was operationally deployed around the world including missions in Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Nicaragua and the Caucus region. During his basic training Nick developed a love for fitness and understood the importance of adequate recovery to be always in fighting shape in order to lead deployments wherever his team was needed; from humanitarian and peacekeeping missions to global conflicts in some of the most hostile environments imaginable.

As a veteran owned company, we also understand the value of teamwork and how people from diverse backgrounds can work together to achieve our goals.

We believe that everyone regardless of their background or stage in their fitness journey should be able to access to the equipment they need to help them become a healthier and happier version of themselves. And so our mission is to offer high-quality fitness, mobility, and recovery equipment at affordable prices.

Fitness is important for everyone and exercise not only helps us to stay in better shape but also maintains mental health and is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. We offer products that can be used pretty much anywhere, from your living room to your garage gym or your local fitness facility.

Recovery not only impacts your ability to perform in your next workout but also affects your day-to-day activities, so we provide products that everyone can use to recover, rehab and reduce pain. And we are busy working on the next generation of affordable mobility and recovery products so watch this space!

If you are looking for any of the following, we can do it :

• Seek advice on outfitting a CrossFit Affiliate Center 
• Outfit your military unit, government facility, or training studio 
• Purchase equipment at wholesale pricing for your retail store 
• Design and develop custom training equipment 

Contact us now, and one of our representatives will get back to you in less than 48 hours.