International Distribution



We're thrilled to share that Shogun Sports products have expanded their reach beyond the United States, making it easier for enthusiasts around the world to access our premium sports gear. Discover our international distributors in the section below.

Are you interested in joining our growing network of distributors?

If your market is not yet represented in our list, we invite you to submit your application through the form at the bottom of this page. Our team is eager to connect with potential partners and explore how we can collaborate to bring Shogun Sports products to your region.

We are on the lookout for passionate distribution partners. Help us widen our community by suggesting our brand to your local retailers, encouraging them to carry our line of products.

For inquiries related to resale or establishing a distributor partnership, please reach out to us at To ensure prompt and efficient communication, kindly include "International Distribution Inquiry - [Your Market]" in the subject line of your email.

For the sake of clear and effective communication, we request that all correspondence be conducted in English.


Australia and New Zealand

We're excited to offer a handpicked selection of our products to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to expand our selection in the near future. With inventory ready for dispatch, we're eager to introduce our products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

For additional information, please visit


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with an exclusive distributor for the European market. Responding to the requests of our customers, we're excited to soon offer locally stocked products. Stay tuned for further updates and more information.

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