Why a PlyoBox is the only piece of equipment you need to transform your body?

Why a PlyoBox is the only piece of equipment you need to transform your body?

So, what’s the use of a box when we all now have access to the latest fitness equipment at the GYM?

It has been said that the simplest exercise is the best, and that’s what the Shogun Sports™ Plyo Box does. Going back to basics. No more INCLINE BENCH PRESSES, HACK SQUAT MACHINES, or dreaded HACK SQUAT MACHINEs. The secret to getting the best possible exercise is versatility. No more do you need a specific machine to work one specific muscle. With one Box you can now work on your top, core and lower body with three easy exercises.

If you want simple, effective and controlled exercise, the Plyo Box is your tool. And you know its going to look awesome in the GYM or training room.

The exercises:

  • Jumps

Box Jumps are a great way of working the lower body, the stretching element of this routine means Box Jumps can be a warm-up before going on to weighted squats. Using the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings helps to tone and gradually build muscle definition in these areas. The high intensity of this exercise, jumping on and back off the box means it’s also an efficient way of getting your heart rate up, preparing you for a productive workout.  

Recommended Exercise:

8 Reps of 5 Box Jumps spread out over your training session.


  • Push-Ups

Everyone knows that push-ups are once of the foundations to any exercise regime. Using your abdomen, pectoral muscles, shoulders and biceps the perfect way to build up those areas vital to getting the body you want.

The benefit of using the Box is the improvement in posture. When doing conventional push-ups, on a yoga matt people fail to put themselves in the right position, either putting their lower back too high in the air. This can cause pressure on the back and even shift body weigh to the lower-half of the body

Recommended exercise:

3 Reps of 20 push-ups spread out over your training session.   

  • Elevated Knee Touches

This routine aims to engage the core placing both legs on the box with your hands on the floor, body straight, while moving one leg to touch the adjacent elbow. Elevating your legs means that more pressure is placed on the upper and middle body making it more difficult than a traditional knee touch but it’s also more productive way of training.

4 Reps of 10 elevated knee touches in the middle of your session.

Product Features

 The Shogun Sports™ Plyo Box includes a number of features which makes it a must have in any fitness program.

  • Rounded Corners – This Box has been designed with fitness in mind. Rounded corners allow you to safely use and store our product without worry.


  • Easy assembly – The Box comes in six easy to assemble sides. Instructions and screws are all included.


  • Dynamic – Each box comes with three different heights on each side. For example, the medium Box comes in 16" × 20" × 24" allowing you to customise your regime and progress at your own rate.


  • Why Buy From Us? - With a full year warranty alongside free US shipping, we’ve pretty much got you covered allowing you to focus on getting the body you want.