How to Start your Home GYM?

So, you have a spare room…. What to do with it? Perhaps… turn it into to your own CUSTOM GYM!

We all know gym memberships are going up in price, as more fad fitness fanatics clamber to join the club. Now even weekends at the gym is busy, forcing you to wait for machines and stick on music to drown out the noise of people working out.

Exercise is about building a relationship with yourself, mind, body and soul…

You want to feel like your prepared to do your best in every session, for some people working out in the gym is fine, but why not invest in yourself long-term and design your own gymnasium.

The key to any ‘garage gym’ is space, typically the room will be around 40 - 50 sq. ft. so prioritizing the tools that will allow you to attain the body you desire is key. So, we’ve created a list of the essentials to get you started with your home gym:

Here’s a list of how Shogun Sports™ have got you covered:

  • Shogun Sports™ Battle Rope – When space is a priority these Ropes are brilliant, offering high intensity upper body and core exercises. Easily set-up and folded away. The Battle Ropes work each are independently so muscle mass is built up in tandem with core and core-to-extremity strength making them a great all-round piece of equipment.

  • Shogun Sports™ Plyo Box – Now a staple of any home gym, the Plyo Box offers a range of advanced training techniques like elevated knee kicks to push-ups and box jumps allowing you to focus on a particular muscle group. The ability to change the Plyo Boxes height provided further customization of your fitness regime, meaning you can progress according to your rules.
  • Shogun Sports™ Speed Jump Rope – A favorite among cardio-enthusiasts, high intensity rope jumping can burn up to 16 calories a minute. Great for a 5 min warm-up to increase stamina and blood-flow, or a 30 min workout in its own right. Using heavier ropes can focus your workout on the arms, shoulders, calves and glutes. An inexpensive way of toning muscles, the Jump rope gives you the versatility you need when building your custom Gym. Just make sure you’ve got the ceiling height first, you don’t want to be changing a light bulb every time you work out.

  • Shogun Sports™ Slam Ball – Used by athletes and celebrity trainers from all over the fitness world, and for good reason. Our dead-bounce Slam Ball allows you to perform a number of exercises doubling-up as a medicine ball, ball push-ups, Ball Slams and Overhead Lunges working various muscle groups at once.

In our Shogun Sports™ Home Gym Essentials Package all the listed equipment is included; the Battle Rope, Plyo Box, Speed Jump Rope, Slam Ball but also includes the Resistance Band and Ab Mat. The Essentials Package comes in three different bundle options:

  1. HARD - AB MAT, 16/20/24 BOX, 1.5" X 40' BATTLE ROPE, 15 LB SLAM BALL, JUMP ROPE
  2. HARDER - AB MAT, 16/20/24 BOX, 1.5" X 40' BATTLE ROPE, 25 LB SLAM BALL, JUMP ROPE
  3. H.A.M. - AB MAT, 20/24/30 BOX, 1.5" X 50' BATTLE ROPE, 40 LB SLAM BALL, JUMP ROPE


‘The gym is somewhere you can go to just forget for an hour what you do for a living, what you are doing on a daily basis. You just turn up and get on with it.’
Luke Evans -