5 Battle Rope Exercises for beginners

5 Battle Rope Exercises for beginners

Did you know that?

Battle Ropes are a great alternative to traditional weights and are great to help you improve your overall endurance, strength and create more gains. The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle. They're also great for cardio and general physical fitness.


Here we share 5 great Battle Rope exercises

  1. Wave

The standard wave is a great way to focus on your biceps. Tuck your elbows into your sides and alternate pumping your arms up and down, creating alternate waves in the rope. When you’re ready to step up the difficulty, switch to a double wave.


  1. Slam

Lift both ends of the rope overhead, and then slam the rope down with full force onto the ground. Make sure to maintain good posture. This move engages your shoulders, arms, back, and core, especially your abs.


  1. Circles

Move each arm in independent circles in front of you. You can rotate each arm outward (left counterclockwise, right clockwise) or inward (left clockwise, right counterclockwise). It’s a great way to focus on your shoulders.


  1. Flyes

Squat low and whip each end of the rope in tandem, as if you’re flapping your arms like wings. Keep your elbow bent only slightly. It’s a seriously challenging workout for your whole back.


  1. Grappler Throws

Keeping both your feet grounded, pivot your torso from side to side. During each pivot, flip the ropes over as if you were throwing them to the floor on the side you’re pivoting toward.


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