Shogun has created top quality equipment for Weightlifting. Whether your focus is Bodybuilding, Powerlifting or Physique we got you. From our Shogun Resistance Bands to our Shogun Arm Blaster, we put the focus on quality! Push your squats and deadlifts with the secureness you get from our Weightlifting Belt!


Shogun has your back regardless of your goals and training style!


Shogun Sports Arm Blaster
SHOGUN SPORTS ARM BLASTER   The Shogun Sports Arm Blaster is an adaptation of an old-school weightlifting classic....
Shogun Sports Thigh Resistance bands
Shogun Resistance Loop Bands Strengthen and tone with the Shogun Sports Resistance Bands, our set includes five bands that vary in levels...
Shogun Sports Resistance Bands
SHOGUN SPORTS RESISTANCE BANDS   Shogun Sports Resistance Bands are versatile, go-anywhere accessories for resistance training, mobility and...
Shogun Sports Weightlifting Belt
SHOGUN SPORTS STRUCTURED TRAINING BELT   The Shogun Sports Structured Training Belt has been Anatomically Designed to provide...
Shogun Sports Lifting Straps
The Shogun Lifting Straps Our newly designed Shogun Lifting Straps are designed by us. Using a heavy duty...
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