Yoga Starter Kit - Essential Accessories for Better Yoga

Yoga Starter Kit - Essential Accessories for Better Yoga

More and more people realize the need to find time for wellness despite the hectic demands of everyday life. Among the many efficient ways to realize this goal is to do yoga at home. Yoga promotes physical and mental health benefits through meditation, breathing exercises, and muscle-building executing postures. Thinking of giving it a try? Then you need a proper yoga starter kit.


  • Yoga mat – You need a good mat that is comfortable enough to cushion the body as you do the poses. Make sure that the mat provides enough friction so that you don’t slip. Choose one that is water-resistant and odor-resistant.


  • Yoga blocks – Not quite flexible enough to execute difficult poses? Then your yoga starter kit should include yoga blocks for support. For better firmness and longer quality performance, yoga blocks made of cork materials are better options. Unlike typical foam blocks, cork yoga blocks do not lose their shape easily despite frequent use.


  • Yoga strap - Certain yoga poses are quite a challenge especially when your body has tense muscles or is on its way to recovering from an injury. In these particular cases, yoga straps can add significant ease to your sessions.


  • Towel - Yoga may seem less active in terms of movement, but make no mistake—is exhausting. You will sweat a lot, so you have to be ready. Always have a towel nearby so you can dry yourself immediately. Sweat can become a safety hazard as it might cause you to slip.


  • Hand towel – You will need hand towels in your yoga starter kit for quick cleanups between yoga sessions. Microfiber towels are ideal because they are highly absorbent and dry faster. 

Yoga is something you can do at home if you don’t have time to attend classes at a nearby fitness center. With a yoga starter kit and a selection of online yoga workouts that you can follow, it’s easier than ever to start your practice.