Top 5 | Equipment for your CrossFit Garage Gym. No weights required!

Top 5 | Equipment for your CrossFit Garage Gym. No weights required!

Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to get weights to be able to start building your Garage Gym and do regular CrossFit workouts.

Here we list 5 items that will help you to build or complete your Garage Gym

Why you should start your Home or Garage Gym?

Besides the obvious reason that most of people don’t have time to go to a regular Gym or just hate that sometimes commercial Gyms are busy, noisy or just far from home.

24/7 access and freedom to do the exercises you want are some of the benefits that come with building your Garage Gym, with the added cost savings on the mid and long term.

Here are 5 items you will need to get started:

Speed Rope

    Single Unders and Double Unders are a staple move on CrossFit, adding a Speed Rope to your Garage Gym is a must.

    With the added benefit that Jumping rope is a great form of cardio!


    Ab Mat

    Ab Mats allow for maximum extension. Make sure to get one with Tailbone Protector which will prevent any chafing and will alleviate discomfort during high-rep CrossFit workouts.


    Additionally, Ab mats are great also for placing them under your head during handstands and handstand push ups


     Slam Ball


    Slam Ball allow for a wide range of exercises, ranges of motion, and movement speeds that cannot be achieved with traditional gym equipment.


    They allow for a vast range of exercises such as Overhead Slams, Weighted Squats, Slam Ball Pushups, Cleans, etc. Allowing you to develop your triceps, abdomen, shoulders, calves, back, glutes and quads; all this whilst producing more power, increasing your heart rate and burning more calories.


    Also, since it doesn’t do damage when it hits the floor, it’s the only piece of gym equipment that you can actively hurl at the ground without worrying of damaging it.


    Plyo Box

      Plyo boxes are very popular in CrossFit gyms. They’re great for all kinds of exercise including Box Jumps, Step ups and Dips—or for just sitting on after a good workout with your head cradled in your hands waiting for the room to stop spinning.


      Foam Roller

        CrossFit workouts can be extenuating and take a toll on your muscles, for which Foam Rolling and Mobility exercises are important to allow you to increase flexibility and train harder.


        Foam roller exercises can help reduce stress post-workout. One study found myofascial release can lower cortisol, your stress hormone that you want to seriously dial down after a strenuous workout.