NORD-EX preorder update

We wanted to provide everyone with an update regarding your NORD-EX preorder.
Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this groundbreaking product to the market, and we sincerely appreciate your unwavering support throughout this journey.
We are excited to share two important updates with you:
1) Improved Shipping Rates: We are pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated better rates with our international forwarder and 3PL provider. As a result, we will now be including the domestic shipping cost in the product price. In the coming days, we will initiate the process of refunding the domestic shipping cost to all those who have already preordered.
2) Minor Production Delay: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our product, and to ensure that we deliver the highest quality NORD-EX, we are making some refinements to address minor details. This slight delay in production will ultimately guarantee that you receive a product of utmost quality that will last for years.
Furthermore, we would like to inform that we have submitted the NORD-EX for comprehensive 3rd party testing.
The product will undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the EN ISO 20957-1 and EN ISO 20957-4 standards. These tests will encompass stress testing, age testing, and safety evaluations, underscoring our commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind.
Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and patience in bringing this remarkable product to the market. We are eagerly anticipating the moment when we can deliver the NORD-EX into your hands.
Please stay tuned for further updates as we embark on the shipping process.