How Can Plyo Box Help In Building Strength?

One of the all-time favorite exercises is the plyo box jump. They are incredibly efficient, easy to scale for different fitness levels. Apart from that, you will also get sweaty and gasping for breath in no time. As seen earlier, plyometric box or sturdy raised surface is ideal for this. You should jump onto the box, landing with both feet and straightening your legs at the top position. Then you should jump back down and then immediately spring back up as quickly as you can. If you have a knee problem, then you can step back down from the box. Choosing the height of your plyo box depends on your current fitness level. Normally, women will go for 14 inch to 18 inch box whereas men will start with a 20 inch to 24 inch box. You should start with 3 or 4 sets of 10 to 20 box jumps three to four times a week or just add them to your regular high-intensity impact training (HIIT) workouts. Let’s see some of the reasons to do the box jumps:

  1. For amazing calves:

Jumping increases your strength and muscle tone and builds both upper body and lower body strength. The box jump enables the use of every single muscle in your legs as it forces you to jump high enough.

  1. Burn Calories and Fat:

When you are jumping at a fast pace your body burns 800 to 1000 calories an hour. High-intensity jumping stimulates change in the mitochondria and your body will burn fat before carbohydrates. This is ideal for all those trying to lose weight.

  1. Help in balance and coordination at old age:

As most of us want to be healthy when we grow old, it is ideal to continue to be active and increase your strength, balance, and coordination now. Since box jumps aid in balance, they will protect you from injury; keep your bones strong and healthy for life.

  1. Done without equipment:

Box jumps can be done by using a high enough bench or some stairs or even a table. However, these should be sturdy.

  1. Increase your athletic ability:

When you want to skateboard, surf or play basketball, you will get the vertical jump, speed, and endurance and will also increase your coordination to excel in any sport.

  1. Fun:

When you try a few plyo box, you will soon realize that it is fun to do.

Own your plyo box today to stay fit!