Bring Your CrossFit To A Whole New Level by Using the Right Battle Ropes!

Exercising with battle ropes is a proven way to increase lean muscle mass, torch/burn the excess calories, and enhance lung capacity and physical strength. Exercising with the heavy ropes bring to you fitness benefits associated with both strength training and cardiovascular exercises. The battle ropes can also be used in many innovative and exciting ways and are the desired and thrilling getaway from the usual repetitive sessions of cardio, weightlifting and weight training.

  • The Many Benefits of the Battle Ropes for Fitness:

The use of battle ropes for fitness enhancement is not new and is widespread in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. It has also been a training tool for the players of football and other athletes also, who exercise using the ropes.

Battle ropes have been found to burn more fat and calories when compared to running as well. Battle ropes and exercises associated with them can sculpt the muscles of your arms and other body areas, and also eliminate the strength imbalances that may be usually found in the beginners.

Apart from the arms, the exercise is also good for the muscles of legs, chest, and back. Because the battle ropes can be used to exercise in many different ways, they offer a good respite over the monotonous aerobic and cardiovascular exercise sessions.

While the most popular and conspicuous rope exercise is the wave movement, the battle ropes can be dragged, slammed, and whipped in other ways as well. The simple nature of the workout makes it better for the beginners and anyone can start to use, play, and exercise with the ropes anytime.

  • Choosing The Right Quality And Size

Whether you want battle ropes for your home, or gym or wish to install it in your own gymnasium for commercial use, it is important to choose the right quality and size of the rope. Battle ropes usually have a diameter or thickness ranging from 1 t to 2 inches, while their length may vary in between 30 inches to 50 inches. Remember that the greater the length of the rope is, the more mass you will be handling in your exercise session. Exercising with the 2-inch battle ropes can be close to bench presses and weight lifting exercises. While those looking for cardio exercises should opt for the battle ropes possessing 1 to 1.5-inch diameter.

Also, look for ropes made of good quality and durable Poly Dacron material (combination of Dacron and polypropylene polymers). These fibres are highly durable and possess excellent strength. Their use is also good for the environment as they are entirely recyclable.

Battling Ropes are a must have for your home gym or any gymnasium, because of the thrill, excitement, fun, and innovation they bring to your exercise sessions.