We are super excited to announce a partnership between Shogun Sports and Derek Williams (AKA MR 1NF1N1TY) to produce and distribute a new range of innovative products in line with the ATG training system.

Derek Williams aka @MR1N1F1N1TY is one of the world's most renowned ‘Longevity Experts’. For several years Derek and Ben Patrick (@kneesovertoesguy) have created ‘DISRUPTING FITNESS’ methods with the ATG training system that has helped 1000s of people from aspiring young athletes to citizens in their 80s improve their athletic performance, reduce pain and live a longer healthier life.




"My training style has been instrumental in helping me overcome years and years of knee pain, structural imbalances, and stiff joints. I feel better today in my forties than at any other point in my life, and I’m only getting better.
Our style of training allows your body to move as nature intended. We create exercises to bring your body back into balance and then incorporate weights and flexibility to generate power and force. Many old and young athletes come to us broken down and end up pain-free and more athletic than ever."

The partnership with Shogun 

Our goal at Shogun has always been to offer the most innovative products that support people with their fitness and recovery goals. When MR1NF1N1TY reached out, we had no doubt that with our experience and background in manufacturing high-quality fitness products we could collaborate to bring his innovative products to more people around the world.


We’re truly excited about this partnership and can’t wait to make further announcements about MR1F1N1TY’s inspiring product line.


The products

Through a combination of MR1NF1N1TY's direction and our product design team, this new range of collaborative products has been created with the purpose of helping people improve their range of mobility and perform crucial exercises. All of the products are essential for participating in the ATG Training system.
Stay tuned as we release more info about the specific products.