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Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel




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The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel has been designed to improve your flexibility and achieve more challenging poses. Our Yoga Wheel will help you to stretch your hips, abdomen, shoulders, chest and back. It will massage your spine in a safe yet deep way. It’s the perfect addition for beginners and Yoga practitioners of all levels. 

The Yoga Wheel has a durable skid-resistant Eco Friendly TPE padding providing soft and comfortable sensation to your palms, shoulders, feet and back. The strong inner core is extremely strong and will support up to 500 LBS. 

The TPE padding has moisture resistant technology which makes the Yoga Wheel water-proof to keep it moisture and germs free! 

If you've been trying to get into a handstand, but can't seem to quite get there, our Yoga Wheel could be your missing piece. Learning your placement with the wheel as guide—and building that core and arm strength will prepare you to perfect hand stands. 



Here some benefits that come with using the Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel:

  • Improve muscle and spine flexibility
  • Boost your balance, core and back strength
  • Stretch and release tension from your: shoulders, chest, hips and back
  • Alleviate back and shoulder pain
  • Master Challenging poses faster
  • Facilitate sequential posing
  • Achieve and perfect advanced backbends and handstands


Here some examples of how we use it:  

Open Your Shoulders: Just Roll on it, lie on it, breathe on it, relax on it, and feel your stress melt from your shoulders. It is definitely an exercise in exhaling and letting go, but when you do, it feels so, so good.

Open Your Sides: Really opening up your side body isn't easy. The yoga wheel will open the sides of your body and create all sorts of space to move that you never knew existed. Simply kneel next to the wheel, drape your side over it, and be prepared to lengthen. 

Improve Your Balance: If you can balance on this wheel, you can balance on pretty much anything. Practice first with your hands on the ground, and when you feel steady, test out your favorite standing poses on the yoga wheel Doing this on soft ground or with a wall nearby is highly recommended!



Our Yoga Wheel Specs:

  • Color: Black and White / Black and Black
  • Height: 12”
  • Width: 5”
  • Weight: 3 LBS
  • Material: Eco-friendly TPE

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