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Functional Fitness

Fitness Equipment for Every Athlete and Sport

Get the workout you crave. Find the quality performance-boosting fitness and home exercise equipment right here! It is time to push yourself towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Shock yourself and break through all the boundaries we set with the strength, training and agility equipment Shogun Sports created! Whether for your home gym or the gym you opened and run we have the products for you. From Slam Balls, Plyo Boxes and Battle Ropes Shogun Sports has you covered.

At the end of the day we all just want to be healthier and happier, and that is why we are here!


Shogun Sports Slam Ball

198 Sold

$54.99 $37.99

Shogun Sports Sandbag

498 Sold


Shogun Sports Battle Ropes

119 Sold

$29.99 $25.99

Shogun Sports Ab Mat

180 Sold

$29.99 $27.99

Shogun Sports Agility Cones

100 Sold

$25.99 $19.99

Shogun Sports Thigh Resistance bands

95 Sold

$29.99 $22.99

Shogun Sports Foam Roller

300 Sold

$16.99 $14.99

Filler Bag for Sandbag

500 Sold

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