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Shogun Sports Sandbag



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The Shogun Sports Sandbag 

We have brought a incredibly durable and easy to us Sandbag to the market! Designed by a team of Vets that have multiple deployments under their belt. They have asked for a bag that had the durability as well as weight adjustments on the fly. We have done so with our Sandbag. You can fill the 10 LB or 20 LB filler bag and add or remove them with ease! 

The Shogun Sandbag is made from Oxford Fabric. This is to be durable as we all know that a Sandbag is going to be thrown around and beat up. The straps are enforced and located at the proper measurements to hold close to your body for running and with your arms in if using them for cleans or thrusters. 

The Zipper was also a large focus as it had to support the weight that is added to the bag. 

The Shogun Sports training sandbags have been redesigned with premium materials for maximum durability and functionality. The outer shell has been crafted with heavy duty 1000D Cordura, the 7 handles are triple-stitched and cross-stitched for maximum durability. We have used YKK Japanese zippers that will last a life-time. Each sandbag comes with 3 fillers (2 x 20 LB & 1 X10LB). The filler bags come empty with an easy double Velcro closure to avoid any spills.


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