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Shogun Sports Braided Battle Ropes

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  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN: The Shogun Sports Speed Battle Ropes have been crafted using heavy duty braided polyester for improved durability and making them fray-resistant even in the most demanding conditions. The new improved design allows you to slam, wave pull and throw with easiness yet help you build more strength and sculpt your muscles. Upgrade your workouts with a battle rope that’s built to last!

  • BUILD MORE STRENGTH: Are you looking for new ways to create more strength and ability? Then The Shogun Sports Battle Ropes are the right choice for you. The Battle Ropes are a great alternative to traditional weights and are great to help you create more endurance, strength and create more gains. The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle.

  • MULTIPLE SIZES AND THICKNESS: We offer solutions for all fitness enthusiasts regardless of the experience level. Our Braided Workout ropes are available in 1.5” diameter and a variety of lengths. The 1.5” diameter is great for general fitness purposes, hiit workouts, speed and agility training. The Shogun Sports Battle ropes are available in 3 different lengths (30/40 and 50 ft.). The longer the rope the heavier it becomes and more challenging the workout will be.

  • SUPERIOR GRIP: The Shogun Sports Battle ropes have superior quality heat-shrink ends which make the Workout ropes more convenient to hold and will offer a better grip when performing the exercise. Make sure to choose the right diameter depending on your size and fitness experience and goals. Thicker ropes require bigger hands and greater grip strength whereas 1.5" diameter battle ropes will allow you to go hard, maintain a solid grip, and will fit perfectly into a circuit training workout.

  • HOW TO USE?: Simply unpack the Battle Ropes and wrap them around a pole or tree. We have included an Anchor Strap to install them easier when using the workout ropes indoors, see the pictures to learn how to install the Anchor straps.

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