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Allowing joints and muscles to have an increased ROM (range of motion) is not something that only performance athletes or Crossfitters should only care about.

There’s a big reason for a lot of the frustrating physical problems people have. Restricted hip mobility is most the time the cause lower back pain and knee problems.

Improving your Mobility will help you to keep your joints healthy, reduce your risk of injuries, and keep your body moving pain-free.

Using the right equipment along with Mobility exercises will help maintain and increase your hip, shoulder, and spine mobility, and boost your overall flexibility and strength over time.

Here we have put together a bundle to help you get all the equipment you need for improving your Mobility at a reduced cost!

The bundle includes:

  • 12-30 Lb Resistance Band: Great for Upper body stretching and warm up
  • 30-85 Lb Resistance Band: Ideal for leg banded exercises and lower body stretching
  • Foam Roller: Essential and versatile tool for increasing mobility, promoting recovery, and massaging sore muscles safely and effectively
  • Back Circle: Designed to help you improve your flexibility, stretch your hips, abdomen, chest and back. 
  • Small Yoga Wheel: Its small size (6” inches) makes it great for placing it under your neck and upper spine, helping you to relieve your vertebrae and muscles in your neck and back, it can also be used as foam roller to stretch and roll out muscles.