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Shogun Sports Soft Medicine Ball



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The Shogun Sports Medicine Balls are individually constructed for even weight distribution and double stitched to comply with the highest standards. These Med balls are sturdy, rugged, and built to take the abuse of hard work on a daily basis. Tested and approved by Cross Fit gyms, Personal Trainer and US Veterans.

The interior filling is has been specially created to help the ball keep its shape over repeated use. Each Shogun Sports Medicine Ball has been tested for balance to ensure the internal weight is evenly distributed.

The Shogun Sports Medicine Balls features a grippy faux leather outside yet soft inside. The softer cover and padding make them easier to catch after you throw them against the wall. Each Wall Ball comes with two loops on the side allow you to pick up the ball with ease.

The Shogun Sports Medicine Balls are highly versatile workout tools. Making them perfect for a wide variety of exercises including wall ball throws, core twists, squats, sit-ups, presses, CrossTraining/HIIT and endurance workouts.

Without doubts the Shogun Sports Medicine are a must have in every Garage/Home Gym or Training Studio. These Med Balls are great for anyone that is looking to add some variation to a workout routine to keep it dynamic and challenging.

NOT FOR SLAMMING: Please note that these Wall Balls are not designed for slams. Slamming these Medicine Balls to the ground might cause loss of shape and uneven weight distribution. Please check our Slam Balls for this use. Slamming can ruin the ball.

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